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What would you do if your son / daughter would come to you as a gay / lesbian?


Question is not just parents, but it is a theoretical question, so in general, if your children would have been


I do not care. Would tell him / her that I will definitely support him / she in any case and that the sexuality changes absolutely nothing for me. Then I would ask if there is a reason to tell that (eg a relationship).


This is the decision and life of my children.

I would love them anyway or maybe even more because I know how hard they will be to fight against stupidity, intolerance, dogmas, homophobia.


We Have already discussed it. The family would fully accept it and we would have only a small problem with it. But that does not have to do with sexuality but with the non-undivided acceptance. As a loving parents we would be just traumRig that our child would go a serious path as the discrimination of homosexuals is not leaking away. Life is already complicated, without additional hurdles.


Find it fully, because I'm gay myself and might better support him as many hetros. Fänds but also okay if my child would be Hetero.


Nothing! You love his child but how it is and if it's happily happy with the same sex then I'm as Mom

What would you do if your son / daughter would come to you as a gay / lesbian?

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