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Happy Pride Month!?



Although I'm a bit late, but I wanted to say to all LGBTQ + people Happy Pride Month! :)

Question (because otherwise everything else is deleted):

How did you find out that you are not hetero?

Do not let the HAT down, you are Great as you are! :)


Heyy, Thank you and Happy Pride Month!

I found it out in the 8th grade when I downloaded Tiktok. I landed pretty quickly on Gaytiktok and there is quite a lot about topics such as Outing and something. I've been thinking about a year before, maybe I'm BI, and when I have paid attention to something about Tiktok, I was sure to be on women.


So I would not count to LGBTQ +, but my sexuality seems like it (8.6.).

How did you find out that you are not hetero?

I've been interested in it and have fun such a test and can also identify me with the result. DangerousI'm somehow heterosexual, because I am (hetero-) demisexual.


Thank you, you too!

I fell in love with a girl and no longer interested in boys and realized that the previous interest was more forced


Wow that's really cool of you well I find myself as trans I find it to have cool breasts and no tail and girls clamottem

Happy Pride Month!?

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