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LGBTQ + or Hetero?


What are you? All are great as they are ❤️

Hetero Choose 52%

LGBTQ + Choose 48%

Do not know exactly choose 0%


So only to my understanding, LGBTQ + stands for all sexualities, ie also for heterosexuals. Or am I wrong?
While this has nothing to do with your question, however, I find that the whole LGBTQ + is currently more likely to behave like a trend as if you had no other problems. I'm not sure, everyone can live like he wants, that does not work me, but one should better pay attention to something else, eg poverty, environment, corona etc.


Joa, great there is nothing to say.


If you ask: I am both - and CIS.


Bi and Trans


Joa XD

LGBTQ + or Hetero?

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