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Is a rainbow parade really dangerous?


Me and my two big sisters (14 and 18 I am 12) wanting to go on a rainbow parade but my mother says it is far too dangerous because the police seem to be not sure I have my yes many have something against LGBTQ Since the police fit


Actually, few have a few things against LGBTQ +. But I do not find it, of course, if a 12 year old goes to a demonstration. It can always happen something and then the 12-year-old girl must decide for himself as it must behave. I see that problematic.

I find it unusual when parents take their children with demonstrations.


not dangerous! But if there is a teenager with 12 years? I do not know.

Go to the CSD in Berlin and Cologne for 20 years and wearing clothing from my fetish collection, such as noble rubber boots and a short, shiny leather pants in denim cut, or onePaint leggings and was never stupid. I think that the homophobic such events remain away. It does not trust me anyway, because as an elderly man, I'm very tall and wide rum from everyday life in my fetish stuff, it has never happened seriously.

Kristin I was a couple Time there (so in Vienna). Absolutely not dangerous, it's just a nice event.

Is a rainbow parade really dangerous?

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