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I am bi. What since her? And have you already been touted. I do not

Hetro Choose 34%

Bi Choose 22%

Lesbian / Gay Choose 20%

Trans Choose 12%

None of all choose 10%


Do not choose 0%


I do not see only the breath of a reason to "others" or in any other way to make a swirl drum. Once others, it does not matter anyway, what I do with whom sexually make, you do not say Joa I'm Hetero. Anyway, Outing simply contributes to stigmatization. I'm bi, that's just the way and does not have to be said extra. Everything else implies that there would be something bad, what needs to be reported.


Most of them affects my life that I am transsexual. I am a man, also live as such, biodibles biologically but mostly female.

What affects my sexual orientation ... hard to say. I was already in the course of my lifeMore confused about my sexual orientation. And I'm doing back and forth between different assumptions, which is quite exhausting.

I have no sexual or romantic interest in women. Already more men. I have a "type" that suits me in photos. There is also a fictitious man in which I am very in love. Real men do not attract me and I have no desire or joy of sex with a man. That's why I've called myself as asexual . In addition, I could still give me the hardly known label " homo-fiktophil , since I have a sexual interest in men, but only to fictional.

But that's what I come to Not only sexual fantasies with that fictional maNn have, but also with indefinite girls and boys at the age of 1-7 years, of course, is obviously Pedophile . I'm not sure if this is just a sexual interest. That I have only fantasies, but no interest in real children. To find out if I can enjoy sex with an adult man, I just tried it - this is of course absolutely not to the debate in terms of children, so it's harder to find out for me. Currently, I have the impression that I am already much more interested in real children than in adult men.

Ultimately, however, it is not important which label I should quickly press. Main thing I am happy and have a fulfilled sexuality (with me and myselfNem fictional treasure) and this is attached to :)


I gender fluid / non-binary so I fall under the transgender spectrum ^^

and I am lesbian /Trixic.

ich I am unobobbing at most of my family, but none of them knows about my gender.

My friends know both and are very acceptant :)


I've already "Geouted," "Geouted," I have never been a big deal in youth years. Generally, I do not hang this to the big bell, because my sexuality does not matter anyone except (potential) partners.

Despite my bisexuality, I live in a heterosexual relationship for 15 years, which has simply yielded.


I think thereSS Sexuality is something very personal and I do not have to tell everywhere, which camp I assign myself.


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