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What about LGBTQ +?


I belong yourself and supporters :) And you?

He belong to it and support! CHOOSE 33%

Support NOT but accepting choose 31%

Do not accept Choose 19% for other reasons

Do not belong to Supported Choose 14%

Do not accept for religious reasons Choose 2%

Let's say it that way, I tolerate them, but I do not like them, because they do not mission somewhere and sometimes very arrogant.



I do not fit into this whole statements.

Let's say it so if I could change it, I would change it Change it. But if I can not, so I have to live with it.

By the way, no rarity in a few decades ago - working in a retirement home and the old ones told me that they only consider sex as a reproduction.

Terry I think everyone should have the free choice with whom you want to put together. Whether man or woman. Whether the same gender or not. Nobody has the right to ban someone everTo love mandes. TRACI I tolerate these people all and I am clear against exclusion or even outward throw. However, I still remain in the opinion that God and relationship for man and woman created. There are two sexes - are you unsure which you are, look down, very easy. God has assigned his gender with his qualities - you have nothing to shake. :) But it pisses me off the extremism behind it. That everyone says to be accepted and tolerated by all. Live your own life and if someone does not reproduce your views then take it polite, thanks. ;) Irene emphasizes permanent, everywhere, and above all unquestionable sexuality ALS determining feature and only defines it. That's already columnar per se. But nobody realizes. I accept the sexuality of every human being. But that's the wrong way.

What about LGBTQ +?

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