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How can I offer myself with my parents (more detail below)?



I already know relatively long that I am gay and would like to outtake with my parents. I'm lucky, my parents are null homophobic and would support me immediately. They even wonder why you have to come out! But still I do not know how to do it. Thank you for your advice.

(I am male and 14 if that does something to the point)


Just say it with a suitable opportunity. For example, if you are supporting you about everyday things. Since they are tolerant to homosexuality, you have nothing to fear. Maybe your parents ask you if you have a girlfriend, that would be the perfect opportunity. Or you just say that you want to tell you something, and then tell them.


I can not necessarily give you tips, but I would not recommend to tell you in a pleasant moment (eg food).

With a short introduction, come to the point quickly.

If your parents are so tolerant, you have nothing to fear. Much "luck"


There is actuallyNo big secret. Look for a quiet moment, and talked about it. Maybe you have more specific questions? You can then put them. Or just talk about your experiences if you want.


Then it just get out.

You can say your parents that you (e.g.) have to say something at the dinner. And then you just tell it.


Why do you want to outtake? The most natural thing would be that one day your friend stays with you. How you write, your parents have nothing against homosexuality. That's why you can not care if your friend is with you. I also believe that the times of the big outings is over. If you were hetero, you would not have said in the pupper, HEy I stand on girl in the fall.

How can I offer myself with my parents (more detail below)?

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