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What the fuck?


What should the shit man

all parents on my school and also my parents can see everything on our cell phone because the school and police meant that many teenagers have punishable videos

Can I? understand that you do not want a child what's bad but something like that is sick

I do not want that all I see what I google or what I'm writing with whom

Why do you like that? Shit the teachers and policemen would not want themselves that they have no privacy

Can I totally understand that you are angry. That's not okay from a certain age. Everyone needs his privacy.
So, from no later than 14, something is no longer appropriate in my eyes.


It can certainly not access all parents of your school on your device.

That can not be your teachers. Or are they school phones who are the property of the school?

The right to privacy can be understood, but I think you're dramating something here.


That would have to explain your parents as they gave them the phone: the mobile phone is not your private area. You have the duty to look what you do with it.


Turn it quickly at the clock that you will be 18


.... That violates the Basic Law etc etc ....

What the fuck?

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