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Does your LGBTQ + support?


Jap Choose 65%

No Choose 35%


(several times) Daily greets the marmot!

The question is first - about which LGBT we talk? Let's talk:
1. About all people who are gay, bisexual, transsexual, asexual etc?
2. Or about the LGBT community? Because there are also many people who are LGBT, but do not want to belong to the scene.

Around the former there is nothing to complain about. Everyone has the right to live his sexuality as well as he wants to live as long as it happens by mutual agreement or without injury to the persons concerned. Everyone also has the right, with which sex he wants to identify and live in this gender role. These are things that no matter anyone except the person himself. Nobody has the right, JEmerging to discriminate that he is LGBT +.

I do not understand what the problem of homo or transhobists is. Why do you have to interfere in the life of other people? What does it take Homophobe, with whom another person leads a relationship? How does it harm a transhoben person when a transsexual person can live in their gender identity? Can people who find the repellent, which is not easy for themselves, show a minimum of respect or simply stay away from LGBTs for anything?

LGBTs do not take the CIS heteros. We just want to live our lives without being discriminated. It does not matter to your life. An incredible difference for our lives.

Parents of LGBT-KI

Generally, parents should love their children unconditionally, they are parents there. My father said that he will always love me, even if I would go to prison for murder, it would not be well done but he would still be there for me. It should be so. And there is no problem if the child is LGBT.

Children are not the property of their parents. In her childhood, they need a guardian due to lack of life experience and skills. But no longer from a certain age. No parent has the right to put demands on his child as it has (except being a good person). Everyone should be a self-determined, free person who can design his life as he wants.

"GayS "Behavior

If a coated, tuned behavior or hoister is annoyed after attention, then I can understand that. But: 1. Only the fewest LGBTs are so 2. It is sufficient to reject the behavior itself. With the sexuality or identity of a Person has nothing to do. There are enough LGBTs, whom you do not not go that you are gay, trans or anything because they behave "normal" or unobtrusively.

To the LGBT community

Can not I say much. Idiots and black sheep is there in every group. So even under LGBTs. One should not close from the most striking people to all. Some LGBTs are too sensitive and make no criticism too. But it does not have to be a criticism Not everyone can be publicly criticized. There areEnough LGBTs that are critical.

Being part of the LGBT community has some advantages. One finds wherever you go, in a LGBT community always people who have many shared experiences. Most of the LGBTS know how it is to find out his difference, to have to fight with discrimination, to be misunderstood, etc. So you can always make contacts very quickly.

within the community can you also find within the community People who are very unusual in the same kind How to do themselves. For example, I love a fictitious character and interest me sexually and romantically hardly for real people. For many years, I thought I just have a bang. Until I found out that there are even more mens in the LGBT scenelike me. I was able to deal with it and develop a healthy, peaceful relationship with myself.

I myself be FTM transsexual, gay, asexual and as indicated also Fiktosexuell / -Romantisch.


Have nothing against gay etc. Everyone should do what he wants and what makes him happy. But you do not have to deal with every trend


have so far only had experiences with toxic supporters of the movement.

I do not care about the sexuality of a person in principle but I have to Just let me argue because I do not actively support the movement


Yes Yes and a thousand times yes I mean what's bad when you like your own sex othe trans is and so on?!

I just do not understand why other people react as negative, allowing them to do their own thing

So to your question, I realize that!


I do not care who with whom and why, I accept that full but that's it too.

Does your LGBTQ + support?

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