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Have you ever thought about being motorcyclists?


The motorcycle community is growing ( 10% ) from year to year.

Especially with young people, the motorized two-wheelers enjoy a rain growth.

But What about you? Are you motorcyclist? Have you ever thought about making the motorcycle license and how did you choose? Do you advise your decision?

Your experiences and thoughts like to do factually!

Yes, I am motorcyclist, because .. Choose 46%

No, I have never pulled it in mind because .. Choose 29%

other response Choose 17%

Yes, I have thought about itT, but I decided on it. Choose 8%

I made the bill 11 years ago and now drive around the 15,000km a year (formerly a little less). It was one of my life's best decisions. By motorcycling I have met many great people and can say that the motorcycle community is unique. But I'm not talking about the online community here (e.g., here), where particularly poser, narcists and dummy sasters, but from life outside the network that takes place at meetings and joint exits.

For this reason, I regularly organize motorcycle meetings or support the offspring with driving safety training.


Although I have been there for 4 years, yet Mega's fun and it's eggnofl a passion for life, I generally very happy to drive "outdoor", be it motorcycle, moped and or quad, which I can all be well called in my possession.


I love it is easy. Motorcycling can be very dangerous. Every car, every guardrail, every road sign just everything could cost you in the event of a fall your life. Every ride could be (like the car also) your last ride. What a car is only a small tin damage can be a broken bone or worse for a motorcyclist. One is constantly overlooked and misjudged.

This great risk is more than aware of each motorcyclist. Nevertheless, we are aware and not because we are all lifeless but thisDriving fun and this feeling of freedom are the risk of just worth saying ...


... it's just a great hobby.

Meanwhile, I think about it, at least a break (AKA motorcycle for sale). Reason: On the street, it is hardly enough for the many traffic and more and more route barriers, and for racetrack (which I've mostly made mainly) I have no time or money at the moment.


I've become, driven for 16 years and hang the hobby for an indefinite time to the nail. The growth is beautiful, but more and more idiots and Poser are traveling

Have you ever thought about being motorcyclists?

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