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Wicked legs?


I have the problem that my legs swab. I find them crazy ugly. My butt beads disgusting when I sit and I have Cellulite.

The problem: I eat myself well. I make sports daily (I actually do it in 2 clubs sports, but I train daily at home as long as there is no training), yes, even leg and po exercises!

And I have no idea what else I can do (you have to believe that I take the pill by whom I have increased and suffered from a thyroid underfunction that makes the training difficult for me because I grow through them despite sports? Have weight fluctuations. Besides, I just had Corona, which is why I had to screw back the workout)

So no, the usual pre-Happiness: Nourish yourself healthy and sports sports do nothing here!

What should I do against the swaying? I hate them! : /


Try to set the pill first (if that is possible). If that does not help it may be that you could possibly have a disease! Google Mal Lipödem and look what is due to you. If you then have the suspicion that you could have that real, you should go to the doctor! He can help you much better than me. Good luck and lg!


The thyroid history should you definitely be adjusted drug. Then show how your body reacts. Otherwise, one can only control physical predispositions.


I know that it is difficult to accept but that is completely normal and nothing for what you need to be ashamed. I KEKnaw me with losing weight and unfortunately not so, but I can only tell you that you do not have to be ashamed of it. Your body sees beautifully as he is


Go to the doctor and let yourself give you a professional information.

Wicked legs?

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