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Which ointment at the itchy after?


Hello my afterhead it is very strong can someone recommend an ointment?


I would clarify for myself or by a doctor, sometimes what the reason could be. Worms, hemorrhoids or maybe just n bitheins?

Against hemorrhoids there are ointments that relieve cool and the itching. There will be nothing to help with worms.

Washing and yogurt it would also be an alternative :)


A few things should be tested before the doctor's visit. First of all, disinfect! These pump spray bottles that the doctor uses to disinfect against corona syringe. Is without alcohol and does not burn on the skin. (Octenisept). Is free for sale. Then apply Bepanthen sore and healing ointment thinly. Is also free for sale in pharmacies. The duo works even with itchy skin ODHe eczema by sweating. Since you get everything with way. If not, then doctor !! Good improvement


There are many ointments that help to help best in the pharmacy by which you have and recommend!


Wash well, dry, paanthen on it.


Pharmacy Questions. Go to the Proctologian.

Which ointment at the itchy after?

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