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Wait so sick that you would like to die?


Once I had fever or something and I thought in my head: If I die now, it's not that bad, I hope my family will not be sad


Yes I already had, once the same as you: I was with about 40 degrees fever in bed, could hardly move and dawned at work very satisfied and happy in front of me. I also had the idea: "What if I would die now?" And then I thought it was pretty nice. That was about 30 years ago and I am glad that I did not die then. High fever can trigger such feelings.


No, I seem to not knit.

Even when I vegetatively vegetated after a car accident and the subsequent emergency surgery in the intensive care unit in front of me, it was clear to me - I do not have to die. I was really bad and my circulation is probably smacked a few times, but italyNdwie, I was too angry, frustrated or just to finish only to be afraid of dying.


No I do not yet

You would have to do that Be pretty violently ill that come to such a thought


Yes, so similar. But I think that was just the feeling.


I was twice in my life so sick that the doctors thought I would die. Already interesting if you wake up and an intensive sister equal several doctors caused the amazing to stand around your bed and that tells you. :

"Welcome back Mr. X, nobody has expected more from us"

Wait so sick that you would like to die?

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