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If I can not have them then should not you have anyone?


How do you think about it?

Stupid Choose 87%

Right !!! Choose 13%


If you had or wanted an idiot as a partner, then you should treat other idiots their lid ^ ^

no fun aside. Just because someone does not want you, you do not need to become psycho right away. Each pot has its lid. With such a setting you only engraved everyone around yourself.

Who wants to be together with someone who is a psycho and previously killed someone (?) Does from lovesickness? ...


I understand that you are injured, but if you are in love with you, you should treat her luck. I mean, if she is not in love with you, then she is not. Even if that sounds hard.


This way of thinking is the beginning of an absoluteT toxic relationship and / or the beginning of something that ends in a crime scene


is not an object that you can have, but a person. ..

And you do not have the right to determine other people.


The one who thinks that is a future inmate of a frightening agent - potentially very dangerous and of course stupid!

If I can not have them then should not you have anyone?

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