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Have two men holding hands earlier and seen cuddly, for me was the completely no


I'm hetero :)


If I can recognize it from the generations in front of me, seeking proximity is more normal with the girls. Not at the guys. That means z.B.: Knudging under buddies has developed later. Rather, the handshake of the boys is normal.

And for these reasons, especially those of the older generations can not understand why the men are looking for the closeness. And if there are two men, it is especially "wrong" for the older ones.


Just because you are hetero, that does not mean that you have to find school or lesbians repulsive. So at least that's the way ... some have something against

I think, for example, transsexuals not great but when I'm on someone tReffe I treat him / she normally what I have done to complete someone with the people who have it harder anyway, there are some of them actively attacking something like that


probably more strange. But disgusting?!

Of course it is completely normal. Nevertheless, they do not see it too often. Therefore, people look and then feel something ashamed maybe. Who finds the disgust she did not all


Because society has become like that, man and woman get child ...

It's always more and more came out that there is also gays and lesbians and that is not usually how hetero, so rarely

That means in reversal that they are not the image of society againMirror why no tolerance is to be expected.

(my theory about your question)


Everything that seems "different" is first strange, strange, or in extreme trap even "disgusting". That's what happens to many people.

But you are right, it's something completely normal.

Have two men holding hands earlier and seen cuddly, for me was the completely normal why finding some people disgusting?

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