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What do you mean that hospitals seem to be unrealistically high utilization of i



"The Federal Court of Justation also cites in his report from a previously unknown writing of the Robert Koch Institute of January 11 to the Federal Ministry of Health. In it, the RKI expresses the "guess that hospitals in part have reported less intensive care treatment places than actually existing". This could have been free for more intensive bunken than given by the clinics. This point is also politically brisant beyond financing, as the utilization of intensive care units according to the figures of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (Divi) was a criterion for the pandemic policy of federal government and federal states. "

According to the Federal Affairs Court, the hospitals were also provided by the hospitals also € 700 million from the Federal Government to build additional intensive care beds, but these beds are not available today. I think it's a scandal. After all, all of the Corona measures which our lives have completely headed up and the non-ending "epidemic location of national scope" is also justified with the alleged overloading of intensive stations.

vice versa is a shoes from it. Especially through the health measures, the overload of the intensive stations was avoided. If that would have not been the case one could say that the measures would not bring anything.


I did not know so far.

I was known to me, on the other hand, the fact was known to me that in many hospitals free intensvibettes could not be proven, as it was not sufficiently available for their care.

or that in 2020 clinics, their nurses sent to short-time work because a massive number of beds remained uncritical. It was expected to increase the Covid patients who never came. This was financed by special payments from the Ministry of Health,


It is a mess of a mess by a corrupt and criminal gang of politicians and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, one knows that there was no threatening overload at any time; given. You also know that the RKI and the DVI have manipulated numbers, one also knows that they manipulated the causes of death. Furthermore, criminal applications for the investigation "Vaccination with death" were not charged despite the application. You also know that neither Lockdowns nor masks at any time on the so-called and did not have a positive influence. More narratives such as longcovid, symptomless infected (diseased), epidemic location of national scope are only perfidious sugons, produced by professionals, FUrs the infantile mob * (* of the chancellor favorite people)

It is more a "criminal situation of

Inter National Strife"

Gilbert What should you say?

Hospitals, if privatized, have the highest possible profit for the shareholders.
This is how capitalism goes.

Kenneth As I said it is just a guess. Nothing exactly knows.

What do you mean that hospitals seem to be unrealistically high utilization of intensive stations to collect more grants?

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