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What are your favorite novels from Jules Verne?


What is your favorite novel or your favorite romans of the Sciens Fiction Grossmeister's Jules?

I would be between "the journey to the center of the earth" (1864), "the journey to the Moon "(1865) and" 20'000 miles under the sea "(1870) fluctuate.

In addition, I would like to put a small "secondary question" as you will generally find the novels of Jules Verne.

I like to read! Choose 80%

Not my taste. Choose 20%

Do not know the books. Choose 0%


My favorite is "5 weeks in the balloon". This novel is as realistic, full of technical refinements and wonderfully figuratively written that I can properly displace me.


There are many! Of course, the 20000 miles under lake, but also Mathias Sandorf or the EisSphinx or the courier of the Tsar or 5 weeks in the balloon, etc. I am a real fan!

What are your favorite novels from Jules Verne?

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