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Do you like beetle?


I was just last summer vacation in Asia, was in many restaurants and so has come that since then, I have been bug and insects to eat especially for meal worms. Even better than some famous snacks like Snicker and Mars and so, No Joke. Would scare you in the partner search.


is nutritious and delicious, where I do not like certain crawling vices. With silkworms I can e.g. do not start anything, both the consistency and the taste do not tell me.


No, but I would not give you a tongue kiss after you have eaten insects. There must be teeth first: P

Would you scare you in the partner search.

Uh. Probably not. At least if you do not constantly persuade me to eat ...


No you may eat what you want and I'm looking for partners as I want.


No, I always have something to eat for you at the car disc.

Do you like beetle?

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