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Which is your favorite anime of the?


My is My Hero Academia

Attack on Titanium Choose 45%

Naruto Choose 16%

Death Note Choose 16%

One Piece Choose 10%

My Hero Academia Choose 6%

The Promised Neverland Choose 6%

Jujutsu Kaise Choose 0%


AOT and then Death Note.

The rest, except for promised Neverland, is standard Fighting Shoots for me. The Promised Neverland is very okay. But I do not realize with children as the main characters ...


My order would be:

Jujutsu Kaise> The Promised Neverland> Death Note> Aot> MHA> Naruto> OP

The Shouten is one of the top titles.
Promized Neverland is very good, but unfortunately you absolutely brillate the 2 season.
Death Note I find something better than that below.
I'm not a AOT fan, I do not understand the anime of the whole hype that is international. MHA is not really a good anime, but much better than Naruto or Op.And with Naruto and OP I can not do anything. Naruto I can even understand that you may like him, but at Op I definitely get out. For more than 1000, only the same ..


of which are definitely aot.

Naruto I did not even find that good
Death Note would start * spoiler * Death just..naja ... bad lol
One piece is damn boring -.-
Jujutsu Kaise is quite ok
My Trash Academia is Trash
I did not look at the promised Neverland

  1. One Piece
  2. Attack on Titan
  3. Naruto
  4. Jujutsu Kaise
  5. The promised Neverland (only if you count the first season, otherwise it would be on the last place.)
  6. Death Note
  7. My Hero ACAdemia

Find Attack on Titan Boring, Naruto is OK, Death Note One of my Fav but Kack End, One Piece only 5 episodes seen, was OK, Jujutsu Kaise is Nice , MHA Typical Shooen

Which is your favorite anime of the?

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