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Fear of phone / mobile phone?


I have when I'm alone, fear when someone rings at the door (in the evening, ZBS 10 clock) or calls at night.

Once when I called back went the mailbox of 02 with so really scary music And then the mailbox came with a scary voice.

That was at night in my bed with lights out. Since then I am afraid of Aowa's. In the evening I even wingered because of this creepy music and voice at night



The best you give the phone going away from sleeping. But if you have a lot of fear with scary noises, I would recommend you to earplugs. I can always fall asleep with them! I hope I could help you.

LG and all the best,

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Your brain has a lot of power over your imitation. The voice is not scary because she sounds like a robot as an example.

Do not be so ..

Fear of phone / mobile phone?

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