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How should I behave now?


I have been an eye on a boy from my vintage for a long time, just I did not have to talk about him all the time. And I said that I'll write it as soon as the school is over, because I'll never see him again if he gives me a basket.

So now I wrote to him on Monday, did not get a basket But he writes totally uninterested etc. I would really like to meet him ...

No big deal in itself, but it now suddenly finds a graduation ceremony at school and if I see him, it will be 100 be uncomfortable ...

Should I continue to establish contact now, ask for a meeting (if yes, like?) Or just get our chats out of head and Ignorieren?


Construction continues to contact him, and if he is interested in the final celebration. (But best not in the end) and if that runs well, you'll meet


Hey. Just trust yourself. nothing happens. Unless he is an ass - of which you can prefer to stay away! Maybe he only plays with you - that means he tries to bring you behind him to race for the flex in front of his friends. But best you think of you again if you really like him. If you really like him - then do so as if you were mega interested in him. Guys like it if you are keen, etc lol.

Good luck!


How should I behave now?

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