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How long to come to come?


How long does you need to come to the SB until you come.

Gladly Add Gender


Come on the motivation: -)

Time are you just watching 2h videos and it's not enough.

You touch you something and you are already Significantly faster.

is rather headache


This is very different. Masturbation is not a sporty competition, the sooner the better. I always hesitate the effusion out to achieve a greatest possible lust. That's why that sometimes can go up to half an hour. As big lust as possible? So a sport?


Have never looked at the clock. Maybe between 3 and 5 minutes. Sometimes faster.


W / 14 and then 2-3min

I am now asexual andDo not make me myself. :)


That depends entirely on how long I would like. (W) But since I'm not doing it anyway, that's one.

How long to come to come?

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