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Will I fulfill the conditions to call me an Incel?


And I would like to call myself an Incel because I've never had a girlfriend and got hundreds of baskets in online dating and a dozen basket in real life.

I talked to an Incel whether I can also connect the Incel because I am also a failure who will never find a girlfriend but he said that would not go, because so far in my life of 2 women have received volunteers (ie non-prostituted) And I'm too pretty to call me an Incel.

Does he right or do I already fulfill the prerequisites to be an Incel?


would already say that you may have had no sex for a long period of time


Why do you absolutely want to be one ??? I think that's nothing good, right ??


InCels do not want to be InCels themselves. Most say very much ... Why do you intentionally want to be an Incel?


No, an Incel must be a virgin

Will I fulfill the conditions to call me an Incel?

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