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For me someone has rinched and knocked at night, are afraid?


For me yesterday JMD has rang and knocked just before midnight 2x and knocked. I was totally afraid. I do not know if that happens again today and what to do then. I'm afraid that JMD wants to break the door or something: ((what would you do if that happens again?


Did you have a door spy through which you can see who stands in front of the front door?

If someone would want to break with you to get a part of your property in his possession, it would be very unusual when he would ring and knock shortly before midnight. A burglar would rather watch the apartment, and if he is sure that no one is at home, sometime break away during the day.

If you want to scare someone who wants to check through ringing and knocking only that nobody in The apartment is, then you can just make some noises, or turn on the light.


Make room door, then you do not hear that anymore :)

Welcome to the Mobbingland :)


Make the best music as if many people are with you Dan have the fear


So I believe me then also feel uncomfortable. But I have already had it that someone had ringed himself and actually wanted to become a neighbor. But it was dark, the light was not and there you have starred with me rang. But it feels funny ...


will not happen again, there was someone at the address.

For me someone has rinched and knocked at night, are afraid?

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