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What do I do with a discovered, lonely ducklings?


Good evening!

We are just out of the garden to pour flowers when we suddenly heard a loud beep. In the garden we have a small, bricked ponder, which is about 60-70 cm deep. In this is about 5-10 cm water. From there the beeping came. We looked after and was not amazed ... In it, there is now a ducklings, which does not come out again. We live in the middle of a settlement and the next waters is behind Zig houses a good 1-2 km away. We can not explain how the chick came into our garden. Especially since the pool is almost completely fenced ... and the little one hardly can hardly fly ... The chick family is also wide and wide not to see ... as I said, here is a densely populated area. DuckHere you can only in the surrounding area generally only in the sky.

What should we do now? A veterinarian can not reach this time here either. Do chicks in the pool? Root and supply in the house? We do not know further ... What can you do good to the little animals?

I hope someone can help here! A photo is attached.

Thank you once!



If the parents are not in sight out of the ponds to bring it into the house, keep it warm. Offer food. Fruits, worms, aquatic plants etc.

Never bread !!!!

Tomorrow then bring to the vet. The take care of it then;)


Give him water to drink and eat something. Hold it warm, e.g. with a heat lamp.


If it really is as you say it will not pick up and find his parents. Can it be that it has been exposed? A neighbor maybe?

Well, what you can do is definitely pick. Hold it warm so it does not cool. Do you have a heat lamp? I do not think you're equipped for something like that, but if you have something like that, give him quiet eIn little duck food. Please no bread or so, they do not tolerate. Imagine water to drink. Tomorrow I would contact the wild animal aid and ask what you can do. Maybe you can give it there.

Outside it is easy to eat for predators. Therefore, I would either get it into the house or protect it in other ways. Good luck in any case!


WHITE THERE THAT DRYS. Water shell and food.

Since you have nothing there yet, try something quark or fruit.


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