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What Essen vegans?


A friend of mine will visit tomorrow. But these eats vegan and I do not know what to eat her.


a delicious salad.

Broccoli - Nuggets; Give broccoli in the blender, some flour, onion and spices to shape nuggets and bake on a tin at 180 ° 20 minutes, to give a dip from tomato.

Pizza, with analog cheese is also Vegan


Pasta is always. Little Roma tomatoes, garlic, basil and roasted pine nuts. Everything nice fried in a good oil until an aromatic Sugo is created, with Mediterranean herbs peeled and then pivoted the noodles in it. Simple and ingenious. Previously a delicious salad with a little raw food and oil / vinegar dressing.


Vegan food no animal products (cottage, fish, eggs, milk, cheese ...).

I wouldMake a vegetable pan and selectively potatoes, noodles, rice, gnocci, couscous or the like. But also noodles with tomato sauce and a salad can be seen without much thinking on the series.

or you go to Google! "Vegane Recipes" and look for and similar pages.

Bridget Make a salad with cucumbers, tomatoes what she likes so and there are still vegan sausages that are delicious and maybe potatoes ....... actually there are enough things that are vegan :) Just try it out; D I hope I could have guilefments Wayne noodles always go. Make a tomato sauce with it (without cream) and done.

What Essen vegans?

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