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Fill the borderline list?


Hello, ie the following situation happened today. I had an appointment with the psychiatry today and I had to fill out different pieces of paper. Among other things, a note, if I could possibly be sick of Borderline. I asked a few people from my circle of friends (which are also in treatment), whether the Suchas had to fill out because of Borderline as they got their diagnosis. However, these were not the case. Now I'm afraid that I may have fallen off Borderline, which in my opinion would not quite the case because I do not really have symptoms of borderline / note / pointing out. My question would now be whether to do that as a routine, so to make sure that behind the depression no borderlinE is or have the suspicion / wanted to preclude the suspicion that I'm sick of Borderline?


As a rule, there are certain arches that gets every patient, is quasi already done and everyone gets pressed in the hand.

If there are certain symptoms from which the clinic knew, you can also share targeted arches and fill in.

Of course you want to exclude or secure diagnoses.


As far as I know, you get an official Borderline diagnosis only when you are of age.

You can also show symptoms or trains of a borderline disease.


I have never heard of it, but that can handle any clinic differently. It can be good and likes that you have the suspicion and just want to exclude how youAlready said.

Borderlinesymptomatik and show outwards are two very different things. Not for nothing like "Loud" and "Quiet" Borderline.


And what would be bad that you want to exclude it

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