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Is a Ford Fiesta Ghia (1996) worth 500 €?



I would like to buy my first car and do not like me a good find.

I found Ford Fiesta Ghia (1996).

Mileage is 71,000, but the pointer can only display numbers up to 99 999. First registration was in 1996 fuel gasoline gear manual HU until April 2023

as a person without experience and without experts, I have no idea if the car is good or bad.

If the car is not good is, you have tips for a car purchase.


Hello Sara!

As one who makes a lot of cheap old cars I have to say: That's fair, even if he has 171,000 kilometers on the clock - Old Ford are the cheapest low-cost cars, which are even below Opel and more or less freaky old Koreans from the beat of a Hyundai Pony or Kia Sephia. Yearly had an old Mondeo of 1993 years ago, which cost 800 euros. The Fiesta is now an outsider on the market; These 500 euros with two years TÜV are realistic and correspond to the fair value of the car.

The old Fiestas are not even bad because their simple technology is very reliable and repairing can be done cheap. In my time (bis year 1990) wasthe popular entry-level cars, the quality was / is slightly higher than the Opel Corsa-b. With a GHIA, the equipment should also be quite cool for the time: While it has nasty plastic wood that really looks like plastic, but also electric windows, central locking and tachometer - that was in the small car class especially in German manufacturers at that time at the time Of course. The 50 and 60 hp "strong" engines are loud, the more modern 1.25i Zetec with 75 hp was more powerful and economical. Even if he has 171,000 kilometers behind, the engines are robust.

Clearly you have to make compromises for 500 euros and the best car in the world will not be the old Fofi -------> But he is certainly one of the recommended billigaUtos. Ultimately, to say: driving, watching, testing, buying or standing.


At 500 € with fresh TÜV you can at least watch all times. Do not have all too much expectations on the optics and take someone who knows about it.

I have no idea if the car is good or bad.

You do not know that as an expert if you are asked about the net if a car is good, or not good. The whole thing depends largely on how the car was driven and maintained.

You can drive a car so that it gives up the mind after 140,000 km, or so that it is mostly up to 300,000 km.

With a car that costs only 500 €, you have to be DavoN assessing the already massive shortcomings and many functions (such as windows, radio, heating, etc.) have failed, and the car will no longer be created by the next TÜV.

If you praise the vehicle longer, you are more or less forced to spend the 4-fold. Only then can one be reasonably claims to a vehicle. / usageTwagenkauf / Tips Used Car Purchase Checklist / UsageTwagen-kaufen/ / useful cars-kaufen-tipps-zum-schutz-vor-AbZoke, used cars109.html

Ramiro for two years probably OK. But these fiestas are rust bubbles!

Is a Ford Fiesta Ghia (1996) worth 500 €?

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