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Game verder Because I do not drink?



I have to listen nicely often, that I am a game verder, since I neither drink nor smoke, nor any drugs to me take. I myself am only 16, which is why that is a reason for me not to do these things.
What do you think about it?


I am also 16 and renounce such things. I find now and then drink a beer is alright but if these friends are more likely to be more likely there are no real friends. (My opinion only)




Such a sweetheart sayings make people who do not want to see too much alcohol . You want to persuade that 'all' so much as you drink yourself and your alcohol consumption is completely normal.

If you need something for the back strength: Alcohol Awareness Month position Paper: Despite Progress, Each Teen Generation Faces Renewed Threat of Substance Use


Nope, in my opinion everyone can do what hewant. I also have a few friends who drink nothing and do not smoke, but I accept their decision.

Bin M17



I think That wonderful. I am 18 and drink, do not smoke and do not take any drugs. And I know it too well if you think stupid because you are the only one who does not drink anything. Or when friends say, "at least drink a little bit, you do not have to be drunk" or "Do not be so so"

But GSNZ honest, I'm glad to be so. Ultimately, of course, everyone is allowed to decide how much he consumes from this stuff. However, for me, I decided to do not do any of these things (currently. Who knows maybe changing my opinion in 10 years?)

And I recommend that too. Listen to you and your feeling, do that as you feel most comfortable and do not listen to others. Grupoigenzwang is tempting, but doing it because you want it and will be ready and not because others desire it from you.

But I think it's super good that you do not do any of these things and I wish you a little that you see that with 18 too :)


The decision is absolutely with you. Do not let anything persist from others and live your life as you want it!

Game verder Because I do not drink?

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