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Collaption through sleep deprivation?


Hello I just wanted to ask if you can collapse with exhaustion if you do not sleep for a long time e.g. 2 days and 2 nights remaining.

Thank you in advance


"collapse" is not quite the right word, mostly one sees easy. 2 days and nights without sleep should hardly be a problem, real physical and psychological problems you usually get absolutely without sleep from the 5th day, depending on the constitution.


Oh, a user has claimed a user a few days ago, he would not have slept 6 nights and now he has a headache.

After we are not allowed to diagnose here , please go to the doctor and tell this what is missing.

All the best for you


Have that tried himself, held by card tricks. Was just tired on the 3-day Ultra.


Yes, you can and it is absolutely nott healthy for your body ... Please change something to it, or if it does not let you prescribe sleeping tablets.


Safe, is even very likely that the body at some point the emergency stop. .

Collaption through sleep deprivation?

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