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My mother does not believe me that I'm sick?



I'm totally gripped and have diarrhea. My mom does not believe me and tell me only that I do not have to go to school. I'm warm all the time and I sweat, though I only have underwear.

Why does not she believe me? I do not want to go to school if I'm sick: (


So in any case good improvement !!! :-)

Talk to her about it and ask why you do not believe you. You said yes you sweat. Actually, you would have to see that .... Can you go to the forehead. My mother always made my mother to watch if I had a fever.

I hope you'll see it! : -)



Tell your mother that you do not feel well and you want to go to the doctor if the doctor confirms you sick then she will must believe it.


Then go to the doctor, and let you give a sick leave.


Then it is something wrong if you do not believe your child.


Ask her personally, where its reasons are that they do not believe you.

My mother does not believe me that I'm sick?

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