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Should I take a break or not?


Good evening,

Since I am currently a little desperate, I would be grateful if someone takes time out there and give me an assessment as an outsident.

I am 18 years old, currently in the 11th class on a high school and thus already have the certificate. In 2019, at the Realschule, I did my middle school graduation with qualifying note.

Now to the problem: in April I tried to take life. I then came to the open station of a psychiatry. Now I'm out there and was not at school all the time. Of course, this is involved and regularly gets my sick letter. Since my life was determined by the school before the attempt and I am my value of benefitsDependent, this share is missing now. I just love to go to school to train myself and am not very good. Of all the doctors / psychologists, I have said, however, that I should take a break a break and life is more important than performance. This year, I will go to a psychosomatic rehab clinic, which was already applied for. In addition, I would go abroad for a few months to optimize my English, internships and small jobs. I want to focus on me this year in other words to cope with my life strengthened. If this year is over, I can either end the full cable or study social work at a university of Applied Sciences. Actually soundT all right, because I do not stand without everything and would use the year sensible. In me, however, a certain uncertainty is bothered. I'm afraid like a failure to get over and disappoint everyone, otherwise I always made everything perfect. I just do not know what is right now. I could go to school immediately, but would not feel about it and would feel overwhelmed with the smallest requirements. Not because the learning content is difficult, but simply because I do not even satisfy myself with a 1- satisfied. The school has always been my haven of home. I learned every day until 3-4 o'clock in the morning and could forget everything. Now I stand more or less without this sanctuary, must wait if the health insurance is the rehabigibleAnd have not overcome the suicide thoughts yet.

If you like the outsiders all this, what would you advise to advise me? The one year's time or again risky to school?


Life is not just from learning.

I have just like you experience. I love the school and my life was only associated with the school. I made a lot for the school very much.

But my life experiences are 0. Now I have a chance to be self-employed and see that many important knowledge is missing, which is also just as important as the expertise from the school.

I sometimes get into trouble.
I realized that the theory should be parallel to practice.
Therefore, take you a year break to reflect you again and everything you have achieved so far again.


Your health is the most important and in old ageHr break is better than making only whom it is almost too late!

But you should recover yourself and not further thinking thinking that brings you nothing! What you want to do with English who you can not use it?

Even without a graduation you are not a failure a failure that is immediately giving up everything and, for example, not even what begins to improve his life! You seem to have the mistake of hollen which you have made sick!

Aerermen is still 2 alternatives to graduate about the VHS or by training with very good notes in the vocational school!

Who you have a good doctor you should always listen to the Dan lives long and mostly healthy!

stress on theWork can also do you sick!

Get yourself thoroughly!


Take the break, really. Do something good, a year is nothing in your life. After that you can also reach everything you want. You are still so young! Treat this break, make you beautiful and I'm sure you'll get to know a completely different, exactly so nice side of life! Wish you all the best, and have fun :)!

PS; You are the most important person in your life! Remember that;)


I was taken the year and pay for myself.

What would it bring you to clamp yourself? More stress for your body and mind.

The human value is not one of his school performance.


If the doctors advise them then then do that.

Should I take a break or not?

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