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Why do not you learn healthy diet at school?


I was fortunate that my mother has always cooked fresh and healthy and so I have built a healthy relationship with food. Children who are educated by parents who have never learned healthy diet themselves take over the bad eating habits as a rule too. In addition, food is important for mental and physical health. In addition, the state would save taxes as people are less ill while increasing performance.


This is an important topic with us in Switzerland. It is not always consistently implemented consistently if z. B. is treated in the cooking nutritional teaching, while unhealthy things are sold in the Pausenkiosk. Or if only healthy can be sold in the pausenkiosk, while teachers distribute unhealthy at each occasion as a reward.


Good diet is generally often neglected ...

at We did not have any offers in school such as courses or similar where a good diet is taught. Basically, there are more a basic preparation for the later professional life in the school than on later privacy. Topics like good nutrition etc. are in my view tasks of theParents, but there should also be offers from the pages of the school there.


Partly it is taught in Bio or AWT (work economy technology) for a few weeks. Often, however, "only" in project weeks - and the children often have the opportunity to choose issues that do not have to do with the diet.

But we can not relocate everything and everyone into school, especially not as a separate subject. For cross-fan, project-related lessons, most teachers are not trained. And such lessons are probably not really desired on the part of cultural ministries. There is a lot to do ...


You do. We have the nutrition pyramid in the first or tweIten class included. We baked his own bread, created a garden, Popcorn himself made, fruits pressed to smoothies and once a year someone who clarified us over their teeth and caries. In the secondary school, that was allowed to grind. But in organic we mean I talked again as the topic of digestive system came up. We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of Veganism, regular project weeks, where there were also courses about diet, in the canteen there were always fruits and vegetables of the season to buy (next to normal baked goods) and what was offered during the lunch break Also relatively balanced and varied. The schools are already committed to teach students a healthy lifestyle. NuR Whether you also stay at home or influenced by the family, you can not control. The food market and advertising are to blame that we only buy unhealthy and processed products.

What I just remember: In our canteen there were no sweets to buy. The top students had opened the "Snack Shack" in the schoolyard, which was abolished when I was in the seventh class. The teachers did not want to spend more money for sweets.


When the children learn something like that at school, then at home is not cooked in mind. I doubt strong that as an adult you can cook somewhere at home as an adult, just because you have learned it at school.

Why do not you learn healthy diet at school?

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