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School feels voluntary?



I currently have the problem to go lessons. By Corona you often have not gone to video conferencing and now, since we are back in the classroom education, unfortunately, I still have the need to go. This week, it has been already 3-4 lessons.

I used to always do something about it, because my parents have always "taught". Even now it is important to them and they would never think that I do that. But since I always say "have a free round", that does not come upnx.

Does anyone have tips?

In the year before Corona, I had partially in a half-year 0 noise, was also rewarded and praised by my parents, but that does not make it better. That will slowlyR is looking for and I can not imagine any day without tails.

Unfortunately, my smart girlfriends also support that they make the themselves regularly. Unfortunately, I'm so hollow that I can not work up the fabric alone. : |



I'm fine!

I had Homeschooling for 6 months, and I've never worked as well as never worked and missed all the fabric.

Now for 3 weeks I have right school from now on the same and it came immediately a fat clauspas . The last few weeks were so incredibly hard for me that was dizzy for me for fatigue.

Alone generally to find first in everyday life is unbelievably difficult and then the clauspasse came to it.

Luckily I only have to write a debtury now and then get through.

I'm slowly used again, but then summer holidays come back and after the summer holidays the whole game goes from the beginning with the acclimatization.


I know that. If something becomes a habit, it's hard to get used again. Try to keep it as possible as long as possible, because if you did not scale first contact a week, you do not want to make your progress "broken" and will not be so much relapsed if you understand.


Throughout the easing, everyday life triggers very many people because all that is so unfamiliar and quasi new, I appreciate teeth and re-learn to behave again.


Just go constant every day, whether you would rather stay lie or not. So you come back in.


Yes is synonymous with me so sometimes I remain completely lying and go GAR not only

School feels voluntary?

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