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Pan cat attack by vaccination. What can you do?


I did not think I will not worry about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine today. Fever is a normal side effect of which is not deadly. However, where I got strong fever now I have the feeling of nothing from nothing to get a panic attack. I could take a pain tablet but do not know if I can take my seashis pills. What should I do now?


Lens off and do not think about it! If you have over 38.5 fever, you can take a pain tablet, which usually also reduce the fever. If necessary, you can of course take a sedentation medi after prescription. Or go to sleep and think of something beautiful, can hardly happen because there is little bad.


I would rather take a reassurance and then go to bed.

Senior tablet at fever hardly or much less than rest and sleep


I would call on call and ask if I can take both tablets because of the vaccine I am not sure.

Evtl would ask what's worse your fever or the attack then the one TaTake the bind and 2 hours later the other.

Cold envelopes with lemon also relieves fever.

Call the knowledge better if your pain tablet with the vaccine is tolerated.


This is the image of your body and proves the antibody constructed. Cold Wadenwickel reduce the fever on normal path.


can be sitting by finding a pleasant position and breatheing or preventing it by distracting.

Pan cat attack by vaccination. What can you do?

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