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Girlfriend as a standard?


Why is a friend today?

One is crooked if you never had one

And the parents say you should have one, the company expects it too.

If you can no longer live a life alone or ZBS with a dog without comments?

I never wanted a girlfriend but Fuehle since which Heser urges me a funny

It is completely okay to have no girlfriend and I do not feel that it is standard, except for older generations to append the still very archaic life designs and transfer them to all others.

If people think to comment then I know that I can not do anything with people. Then you do not have to explain big that you do not have any relation in the same time and is so happy.


That has been heard since it's mammals. Otherwise you would not be there.

But I do not have any. Never. My parents do not expect that either. Not everyone has to have children. Loom the way you want.

The real question is, if you really with Deiare a single life satisfied? Sometimes I think if it would not be better I would have one, seems about the meaning of life, as reproduction is somehow heard and but always come to decide that I do not feel like planning a woman in my life. Is something difficult, as the thoughts are still coming again.


Today? : D In the past, people did not have any partners?

Besides, I find that today it is considered not so bad to be single.

Previously, there was more pressure exercised to finally come under the hood.

But a good tip: not looking for spas that you just meet you so random. And there is nothing more beautiful than a healthy, luckRelationship. You even develop extremely. ;)


today? In the past one was nothing without a partner and today people talk openly about how beautiful it can be alone or how to enjoy his life as a single.


What should you say ? Do that what you want to Hadt, as long as it does not harm anyone

Girlfriend as a standard?

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