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No motivation more for something since Corona?


I am in my education at the end of the second year and I love the profession. But now since March last year I was more in the home office than in the office and have no motivation. When I was in the office in between, it was even worse. Lately, I suddenly have many more tasks that sometimes overwhelm. I have to teach me most of myself, which is actually normal in the profession (media designer).

For the school I have no motivation anymore. I can only sleep 3-5 hours, have a headache, can hardly breathe through my allergies in the mask and get wars circulatory problems. And everything is growing over the head at the time.

I sleep a lot at the moment. Can not be alone with my thoughts and therefore lens myself DurcSomehow from reading by reading, Netflix, Tiktok. The only time I feel happy is when I spend time with friend, family, friends, or sweep my hobby.

I can otherwise relax. Have already tried meditation, etc. and takenaldian to sleep, nothing helps. For weeks or months, almost only nightmares have.

I do not know how I come from this hole. Do you have advice?


With regard to the circular run: a lot of drinking helps very much, have similar problems (especially with the heat). 2-4 liters of water a day make everything a little more bearable.

With regard to your other concern: Basically, there are a few simple needs when satisfied are mostly better

1: Clear, achievable goal

  • Lead in mind what you want to achieve and work

2: Achievements:

  • See your set goals and should be peace with your results

Theme Relaxation:

  • Time spending time in nature, often miracles can be done: let your mobile phone just at home, pack a bottle of water and 2 butter bread and go onStrong little in the forest (or what your environment has stop)
  • Even when sleeping: Let the mobile phone are. Also no TV or the like. Laying out the room to bed and simply summarize what you have reached the day. In addition, a rythm helps. First set a time when you go to sleep and hold you on it. The body loves rutine!

Medicine will not solve the problems in my view, perhaps only fight the symptoms. If doubt or other problems rather ask the family doctor, but there are said doctors. There you will get professional advice, the internet can not help with everything;) Raul

1 who you allergic on the mask Reaching Dan leave the bestEach Dan you have to carry any even in the bus or train! Most people only use them or shopping!

2 That with Corona should not take so long if it has already made many cities under 25 or 20 indexed! Supposedly all until August should be vaccinated His the city festivals and different are already planned for September! Look what you can do in your city sometimes the indoor pools could also have with you too if you have a negative test not older than 48 hours! That or otherwise can distract yourself and also be more motivation!

That with the circulation can be normal whom you can be weather sensitive to the temperatures have risen very quickly and also fall IMMHe is reflected!

I would advise you Unterinim DRausen No matter what and you should go better!

But in which everyone would let me go through the doctor! 2 liters drinking a day is the absolute minimum and the temperatures should be more! You sweat also stronger than in winter!

No motivation more for something since Corona?

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