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Can you be so happy that you're crazy?


I'm trying to summarize me .. For me, depression was diagnosed about 4 years ago. It really happened and would never have thought that I come out there alone. But now I am happy and single and I lack nothing. Separate me from what I do not feel well, but sometimes I have so moments where I just think things do not make sense and then I turn through and get panic and wonder if I'm crazy. Then the thought came to me although I am happy if I've already fallen so deep in my depression that I completely lose the controllers? Can someone help me please? (Please do not write to me with a doctor or so do I do Rh but vllt can tell me someone before before) Pls Help It makes me sick


I am not a psychotherapist but that sounds like a bipolar personality disorder. It is characterized by depressive and opposite manic phases. It sounds like you are in a manic phase. Between the phases can be several years. Perhaps something about it and decide for yourself if that's true :)


Just because you have deppresions udn panic attacks you have long not crazy.

Yes MNA can be happy with a mental illness I myself have a dissociative identity disorder I am heavily traumatized and split on several personalities, the trauma facilities, dissociations and depression. But I have no problem with it and BIN even happy with it.


is just a quote, more not.


I have developed with 14 depression and anxiety disorders. Was a pretty bad time. For years I was looking for the truth and the meaning of life and I am today convinced that the Bible is the truth. I am a Christian and given Jesus Christ my life. I became a completely new person. Unfortunately, sometimes I have always depressed moods, but the belief in Jesus Christ helps me. I'm on the way to become a person who leads a good life. God has testified his love by a faith brother. That touched me deeply. I believe that everyone person needs Jesus Christ around hell to wearth. I do not know if this answer is concretely helped, but if you want to find the meaning of life, you should read the Bible, starting best at the New Testament.


Can you be so happy that you're crazy?

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