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Can one come to use without the hand?


Hey, is it possible with guys when you get mastrubed without using the hand? So I do it daily and I wanted to know if it is possible to get through pictures, porn etc so on horny to come to come ...? Please only real answers because that would be interesting to know if it would be possible just without doing something to do. Thanks for every answer !!!


Yes that can happen under rare circumstances, have experienced it 1 times itself.

It was an evening where a buddy has drunk with me, and then wanted to pie with me. He pulled him out to the underpants, and lay on the other way around me on the bed to watch movies. He lay on her stomach, and his feet on my head. I fell asleep in between, what he realized. As he moved his feet, he touched my hand on the pillow. He held my finger with the big toe, and did the same with the other foot on the little finger. He ate his legs, which my arm showed up. I not let me know, and stopped quietly. He then kept the index finger firmly, and with the other foot the little finger between his toehdeviated. The same at his other foot, always held the index finger. Then he has my hand just dropped like using lobes. Somehow that stimulated me so that I was very trembling strongly, and came. I did that as if I have just woken up, and would urgently need to the toilet.

Something I have experienced so today only 1 times in my life so that this could never run again so again.


It works clearly With toys, other body parts or even without touching the penis. But myself did not get it without any time.


Yes, you can .... Head cinema


Yes I have done



Think of something you can really find horny, then it is also without a hand

Can one come to use without the hand?

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