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Why do clothes always see other girls but not with me?


For me everything looks completely ugly. Really Allleessssss'


I think so often with myself, but that's not true to you sure many things are super nice of us, we only sometimes present it differently. I mean all this "perfect" Picture in the head or see the things we want to buy on models and then think it looks the same with us but with us a lot is edited or done. You are nice as you are! Take the things you like what others say Total no matter who has nothing better in life to do as others to do it.


certainly not everything, maybe you just did not find your own personal look, so something good to you Fits, looks good at you. In addition, you should not always copy the others (but sometimes auCh Schleau)

Let yourself be advised of friends or people in fashion business. Or if you have whom in the family of the fashion expert or expert is synonymous (siblings, parents under certain circumstances, uncle / aunt)



Oh No. With you certainly not everything looks completely ugly!

To itself, you are often just a lot of critscher or something. And then you do not feel so well and then you think that it looks better in others.

But that's how it works many and also determines those you think, on which it looks good.

Maybe you still have to find your thing in which you feel comfortable. Ask the best may be friends or something that is their honest opinion.

Of course, there is, of course, that they are honest and you have to handle even with negative criticism.
But that will not mean you certainly. This may then help you find your style.

Or maybe you get positive feedback and then you see that everything is not as bad as you think.

Otherwise, the to find what you think great and in which you feel safe and well.
In my opinion, this is the most important thing and then you look for sure mega!

Greetings Arinaarande


Everyone even thinks, and everyone from my class says I have the most beautiful clothes


That just has something with your ownto do.

Do not look so critical :)

Lg. Kekvonnbenan

Why do clothes always see other girls but not with me?

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