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I am often called Macho from my girlfriend. What does that mean?


(My ex also has that and then and that before)


Please do not hurt


That you think you have to show your 24/7 through your statements and your actions that you are male and It is female in reverse locks.

A person actually has many facets. And circumstances and empathy actually ensure that one behaves appropriately in different situations.
And a certain sense of respect and at eye level are in a partnership is actually the base.
But you maybe stick to that the only one Whatever important is the role behavior of a man.


Because you probably usually present yourself accordingly! - I would not necessarily be considered at your place as a complimentsen.


Machos pursue the goal of shaping impression of the woman and to act as male as possible on them.


Machos Are men who want to determine alone and the woman must participate as without rejected as possible.


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I am often called Macho from my girlfriend. What does that mean?

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