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Which decision should I make (relationship)?


I (M27) I am with my girlfriend (W28) for almost 4 years. We bought a house almost 2 years ago, which is still fully in the refurbishment phase. Our relationship was pretty much of a dispute from the beginning. But you have always torn together and continued with the justification it gets better, we work to us. Of course, there were many good times, beautiful holidays etc. But I have the feeling that I can not continue in the relationship. Also the feeling of love seems to be gradually being gone. This is not at all at all on the restructuring stress. It just does not feel that we would have a future.

I had already talked to her and I wanted to give the whole thing a chance but I can somehowNicjt get more correctly on it. For them, the whole thing is the absolute end of the world. Despite the whole quarrels, it would never have been in question for you to disconnect because she loves me so much.

The whole thing is even more difficult by theoretically another woman giving. She finds me great, me you. But I have always said as long as that's not finished, we will not get to know each other better. Also, I told her that I do not want her "keep warm". That understands you. Only I do not see them every day. The whole thing just makes me pressure.

Also my girlfriend just sorry because I would take her house, for example, because she could not hold it alone. I am completely in the feeling of feeling and really do not know.


If I read your text, then I see that you already met your decision. Of course, it hurts after a long time to finish a relationship, but to continue them although you have already solved you emotionally is your current girlfriend unfair.

Make pure table and finish the whole thing is otherwise no less painful.

All the best


A good saying says "You can still terminate your job today". If you do not see more in the relationship anymore and no longer makes you happy, then disconnect the balast. It only depends on that you are fine, everything else is irrelevant. and would you want more to feel like the other person and you like you betterT-Go for it before you forgive more lifetime. V.a. If you say that with your current from the beginning was more compromise


Have you ever tried to imagine how it would be if your girlfriend would be in your Positon? So it's suppose you would separate yourself from you today and cross the next day with a new person: would bother you?

If no, then I would say, you have your answer and know what you do have: finish it.

However, if you are unsure and very probably jealousy, or could not handle it: then maybe I would not fit the grain right away.

People like I'm always talking lightly as we are outgoing and not in your Positon. But so oThe so, currently you hang in depth. That can be what I wrote to you maybe something help.

You just have to be aware that there is usually no back anymore. But happily you do not seem to be up to date anyway. Lee

I'm just sorry for my girlfriend because I would take her house, for example, because she could not hold it alone.

Squidity is no reason and no basis for a partnership.

It just does not feel so that we would have a future.

This is clearly a real warning signal and should be taken seriously.

From the beginning pretty much of dispute

and thus actually convicted from the beginning to failure. Dispute belongs to theLiving, but he should be the exception and have concrete, comprehensible occasions and not become normal.

The whole thing is even more difficult to give theoretically another woman.

the aperture. You have to decide on your current relationship and see no future alternatives. Whether that works, nobody knows. Do not separate yourself because the new could be better, but because the previous thing does not fit.

Ratschlag: Draw a line and separate you. You are not happy, the partnership does not fulfill you, you often argue, you do not see a future. There is not much evil. That does not make sense anymore.

Take the separation clean and completely, break the contact, process everything and then heSt bandel with the next woman. Do not overstairs!


There were problems from the beginning and now you have re-fed. Inwardly you realize that you want a separation and a relationship with the other. From compassion you should not stay with your partner.

Which decision should I make (relationship)?

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