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Which conversation topics in the evening (partnership)?


To the people who have been living in a solid partnership for a long time (pair years):

What are your Conclusion in the evening after work? Or did you prefer to rest and want to rest Switch off (or switch on TV) or ... now! Just want to turn off one of you in the first place and the other still "only" talk about the work ???

Would I like to be interested in how this is the case with other people. And really to the people who have been living together for a long time, few years, etc. Of course, this is different in love is different, I think

I also believe that of course this plays with a role, how many people live in the household. First and foremost my question is aimed at couples. But even if you have children, you can and mayOf course, please answer!

Thank you and all of you a wonderful sunny day and quiet evening


My wife mostly speaks much more like me what I think, because I do not have to talk. She usually meets a topic exactly at the right time, which is really interested in me and therefore Mitrede and so she preserves me in front of the wrong time. Interestingly, we never find each other boring even though we are really boring; Somehow we simply have extremely pleasure together regardless of what we're just doing. What we are doing is rather the side dish, such a kind of vegetables or salads, however, is the way we do the main course. We always have a lot to laugh, laugh, to cuddle, to khry, to kiss, etc. and always find a reason. We are often out of natureOr otherwise have something to do. But everything is just the ramen of our love to each other and to the people and to God. The focus is always on our love and so it will never be boring, because you can always and everywhere you can enjoy us in a varied way and we are very inventive in it.


We are already asking each other as the day of the other was and tell a bit, what happened if something special happened. Otherwise about what we want to eat, about sex, about plans for the next days or longer future, often we also look a series and then talk about topics that occur in it or we walk and talk about everything, which in mind comes ... yesterday WiR belongs to a podcast and then talk about what was addressed there. We have no specified conversation topics, just talk about what comes to mind and what busy us. Together we have been for over 3 years.


We talk about our working day, then what the daughter was new .... in school or something. Yes, otherwise it is eaten, showered. Writing shopping and playing any board game or we relax on the balcony. We are generally talking to each other, tease us, cuddling .... So boring we will never. However, we know in our acquaintance circle couple who hardly talk about something, not eating, no "I love you" ......... That would not be absolutely not our thing.


Of course you talk about what happened the day over, so also interesting stories from work or friends or sports.

In addition, you plan shared leisure, the coming weekend, you chat about current social, Political, scientific topics, you just have fun together and talks about God and the world.


We are already talking a lot about current topics. I'm rather calm on the weekend if it's possible. Most we are more of the assets anyway.

Which conversation topics in the evening (partnership)?

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