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It can be there since you had been in the world or your own life has repeated ag


I had the biggest shock in my life yesterday!

I try to summarize that somehow.

A few years ago I have been traveling with my parents, we are with us Hazard in the area with a property and I said so "Hey, is not even a yellow house stuffed" my parents who have never been looking for a house since they live here.

1 year ago we went past the property and then there was a yellow house, as I said.

As I was back home, I thought so (can it be that we were already in the world, that But our lives have been repeated, but we could not remember) I mean I'm not a clairvoyant, I said that there a yellowS stood and then after a few years was exactly what I could remember.

Who knows about you, he has such a station as well.

How can that be that ?


There probably plays the reminder of you a prank.

It is similar to a dejavu - you see something or you are in a situation and think "Hey, _Genau That_ I've seen / experienced somewhere somewhere, "

It is usually only the case that what you just see / occilar to the brain is stored - in any drawer on the" Already experienced " stands.


I could remember as a child, as I have already died as a man (approximate age of 20-30) before about 50-100 years ago.

Whether that was the wild fantasy of a child or the reality, I can not say today.


That's because you are in different dimensIon lives and the same time.

AB and then the thoughts are changed between the realities.


This is called DEJA-VU

HTTPS: // DE.éjà-vu

It can be there since you had been in the world or your own life has repeated again.?

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