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Showering true men cold?


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Hello Anononos,

Here would be to define what a "true man" is. There may be a social quasi standard, in which perhaps also marked cold showering with "++".

It may also be that a lobby defines the "true man" about cold showers.

Similarly, other quasi-standards or definitions of a "true man" are as permissible - regardless of their dissemination or application.

I like claiming - and not quasi-normative - that a "true man" a person with a corresponding sexual identification, no matter how he now just showers showers.

with many love greetings


Can you also warm? take a shower? The ISt yes uncomfortable


No, "true men" do not make a nonsense.

"True Men" are man's enough to take exactly how they want!


Real men do it as they want ...

As he would be what others think ..


I do not shower cold

Showering true men cold?

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