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In Christianity only tolerate or?


Hello, I'm a Christian and today at school we had a flag of LGBTQ + sticking on the toilet. Since I have and my girlfriend talk to us that you should not accept that in Christianity but only tolerate and my demand is if I have understood that correctly? I understood that now so accepting that I will also readily show that I do not. I am not a LGBTQ Supporter and I've got tooo with what the difference between accepting and tolerating. I know the whole thing is funny but my question at the end of the day is whether man should tolerate or accept LGBTQ in Christianity? I did not understand that exactly and I want to be sure what the term is thus to me to other people NiChs's wrong say. Because I have read more often to tolerate and do not accept (ie LGBTQ +) By the way: I have never suppured it. Thank you in advance for the answers I hope you have understood it.


Hello Marajjassirrr,

It may be in Christianity - possibly already formulated the Bible - give one or other religionism, which opposed the biological sexes with the background of the archaic of reproduction Focused each other - and thus it is discredited by anything else and then referred to as sin.

Likewise, Christianity is considered as love - and the religionism would then love - and thus God - restrict.

We can Dear belief and theological - here the shortness without the derivation - considered as a universal: in love there exists a unity, of love can only go out, something can also achieve love. This applies without limitation for everyone alike.

Thus, love can not distinguish between sexes or any archaic contract. Otherwise the unit would be injured or not given.

Unit leads nearby - and we will not only observe between the biological sexes, which arilar very widespread a closeness favoring tendency. If the tendency to your own sex or your own sexual identification, there is also a focus in nearby.

So we are a bit more than what we are archaic - and maybe have religion somewhere "inherited". So the flag in the school may remember - and not only needs to blow a silent village.

With many greetings


I take another example.

I tolerate Islam for my part. But I accept neither him nor his rules.

In other words, I will not throw bombs on mosques, but would not want to come into contact with this "religion".

In your case, it would be similar, you do not do anything against these people, but also nothing for you. The now less disturb me, even because the sexual orientation of other people interest me only very conditionally - I do not want to go straight to the box with everyone.

But I also do not actively use my concerns. Because I also do not find that one must overhear each subject.


in the Bible (especially in the Old Testament) becomes homosexuality, etc. as a gray or as sin described. In the New Testament, however, Jesus says that the two highest bids are following: Dear God and love your neighbor.
I personally find that the charity is the most important and the most beautiful principle.
The homophobia and the strictly presented gender roles are very deeply anchored in the church, but today's zeitgeist is quite different. So I do not mean that one let yourself be carried away and support everything, but now certain views of the church are simply overtaken.
So you should not make your views and your opinion dependent on a book or specifications of others, but just doing thoughts :)


means that means thats Do not make a difference.

Tolerating means that you see a difference, but it does not exist.

What Christianity demands, I can not make a statement. Shelley

Even if in the Bible is that it is a sin it says that the God loves all people ... I have no idea which Christ should go through there, luckily ^

In Christianity only tolerate or?

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