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How often do you meet your friends? (Without corona)?


Whether you do a trip together, what food goes, overnight, walk goes, etc. But just hit directly, so not about videochat or similar. And not in school / profession / etc.

Does not have to be the same friend, but overall. But now not a love relationship but purely friendship.

❕ and now to consider without Corona, so if everything runs quite normally❗

also gladly writes your age & gender

Rarer than 1x per month Choose 43%

more than 2x per week Choose 22%

1x per week Choose 14%

1x per month Choose 11%

2x per week Choose 8%

1x per 14 days Choose 3%


Before Corona I had a run with my friends, we had reached ourselves 6 times in the city (2 weeks). In the meantime nothing runs and have also lost to some contact.


Only during the holidays and rarely on the weekends. On the one hand, it is enough to see my friends at school, on the other hand, I hardly have time and desire to meet me with someone in the evening after a long day of school. Weekends are usually reserved for the family.


Personally I would like to spend more in the free time with my friends, but that's far too rare. But I will try everything in these summer holidays so we can meet again,


We meet with us 2 times a month to the men's evening or regular table, go out together, grill, hiking, etc.

Bin 24, male.


Comes on there are weeks there every day, there are weeks there only once (pupils)

How often do you meet your friends? (Without corona)?

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