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My parents do not leave me anymore?


You have taken my phone away, complete, and on my schulipad, what I use for your own use, is a screen lock. I do not have any YouTube, no Appstore, nothing. And that even affects my learning performance because I can not participate correctly because of the barrier. The teachers even said that my parents are supposed to make it away because I'm older, and have nothing to look for a limit and restrictions on a schulipad. Especially when I'm at school, the iPad will manage the shux network, so any programs and websites that are not allowed will be blocked anyway. I just have to disable that now, otherwise my parents do not check that


And please do not come with "speech with your parents" or "You do not make it for nothing". I know what I do here, plan it for 6 months and have a lot tried


My question is how I can handle


If your teachers then ask them to talk to your parents. If you decide it yourself, then you certainly get even more trouble with your parents, you will certainly do nothing.

And honestly, if your parents react so rigorous, but certainly not out of nothing. You will have a lot of crap that you restrict you like that. Since it does not help to look for it to around, but it helps to zOwn that one understood what it's about and rebuild confidence. But that is not just done, that's time.


TJOA, if you are not of legal age, your parents are allowed to escape and lock things to education. It really only helps talk and improve ... Your 6 months planning does not matter

Should it affect your school achievements, your teachers should talk to your parents.


Jup, I do with my children even if it does not work with them.

If I realize that the sanctions are bypassed the next sanction.

So the education pees.


by using another browser (if you have a new instant insteadcan play)

My parents do not leave me anymore?

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