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I do not dare to have sex?



With my 23 years I'm still virgin. Although I already had occasions to have sex, but never trained me to pull through the whole thing. I always imagine that it would be a very embarrassing matter.

Necessarily only I drove a (extremely attractive) fellow student. She had often flirted with me, but this time she was very direct. She said her shared flatmates are not because we could have something "fun" in two.

I meant I did not have time and drove home.

That's not how this can continue. What could I do to get rid of the fear of sexual activities?


Do not worry about it. My husband was 24 when he had sex for the first time.

He was always scared that he comes too early. Quasi is touched and already it is over. As in these teen films. After all, it was exactly the opposite. He did not come.

I do not know what your exact fear is there, but I bet it is so similar scared. But do not worry, you can not easily get ^^


That's not different like many other occasions that people are scared. Fear is always subjective, some fear from spiders, some fear for the doctor or others to embarrass himself .... what's one fear, others do not bother at all.

You will not remain? ,When asking you once you fear ... that gets very difficult, but something else does not help. Also on the danger that it does not run well .... I think if you're a bit drowned, then it is easier; -)


Hey, I'm just thinking when You are afraid, you should take the time you need. I was 25 on my first time and that was really like that. It's not about waiting for the right one or the right thing ... I think if you are in the right place at the right time, then you can feel that very carefully and then you can drop.

Should the pressure burden you very much, then of course you can entrust yourself to someone. My experience the more you force it, the more unwaler you feelAnd then you radiate to the outside.

Maybe that helps you a bit


You should think that fear is unfounded, it's sex, what should be bad?

Enough theoretical experience you should have already collected by porn, I'll take on.

If you are afraid to fail in some way, you should just think that all beginning is not easy.


If it is charged you are looking for professional advice. Otherwise, let your confidence come to you and wait.

I do not dare to have sex?

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