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Could the penis fit in?


If I have my first time with my 14 year old girlfriend, I'm not sure if the penis fit into her vagina.

In porn Z.B, the scabbard is already being laid.

Is the vagina actually much more closer than a woman in Nem porn?


The vagina does not suffice from sex. Yes, with a virgin, it may be a bit narrower, especially when she is tense, then it will hurt her independently of the penis size. For excitement and relaxation, the vagina is also widening. It is therefore important that she is ready, it wants and her a long, good foreplay designed where she is damp and can relax. And then it should work, if may not be right next to the first attempt. But first begins with petting. Incidentally, there were already 14 year old a baby out there, so it will definitely fit, only maybe it will hurt her.


Please refrain from further sexual contact with your partner. For youThe justification, you could inflict your lasting damage. For us, because if you do not know that, the knowledge of contraception is more insufficient and then there is more of you!

Please take some consideration to society.


The vagina of a woman is a muscle and can not do that .. It is usually so "tight" because the woman or the girl is totally cramped, it hurts and it is no situation in which one is in the one absolutely feels comfortable. In addition, every vagina is different. One is deeper, the other shorter .. It is totally different and has absolutely nothing to do with how many sex partners already had the woman. Do not worry, your worm will find space.


The girl is only 14!Let it still be a child! Apart from that, sex is for fun or lust simply time-waste. There are more interesting things in life.


The fits completely. It is important only that it is then wet enough and not cramped with excitement.

Could the penis fit in?

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